Analyzing Emails When Spoofing Has Been Performed

Analyzing Emails

Many people are encountered with email spoofing and misuse of confidential information via email accounts whether personal or official. At such circumstances third party tools come handy and in great use for overcoming the issue and capturing the culprit behind the act. You have to be very conscious about your email account credentials and the people who share it with you or are aware of it. Such situations tend to leave a huge impact and also bitter consequences which are hard to overcome without the help of an expert cyber crime investigator handy with a computer forensics toolkit.

The Expert Cybercrime Toolkit – When to Use?

Spoofing is one of the most consequential acts performed by unauthorized source with a negative motive. This procedure is an effort for concealing the source of any email message by putting fake information in the place of the mail header. Every possibility of lying about the senders' actual identity listed on the header leads to the spoofing of email message. Mail spoofing can be combined along with IP spoofing in order to make the search evidence procedure much more difficult and next to impossible.

How To Analyze Forensic Email – Here Is How

You can make use of our extremely use friendly yet highly accurate result orientedapplication in order to get over the consequences of email spoofing.

These properties featured within the application would prove helpful cyber crime investigating experts in analyzing emails successfully.

  • This forensic email tool for examination has been designed in such a way that it can support a total of 10 mailbox formats which can be analyzed without any issues surfaced.
  • Analyzing emails becomes much more convenient when you are permitted to even recover emails from a mailbox whether the mail has been deleted or is discovered to be corrupt.
  • One can analyze emails affected with email spoofing, phishing, farming, etc which may lead to the misuse of confidential information of a profile use for leading an unauthorized activity.
Email Analyzer Licenced Version

Email Analyzer Free and Licensed Version

Free Forensics

You can avail a freeware of the software for analyzing emails for free to examine the tool performance. It will allow you to analyze 50 emails till 30 days of time period but won't permit you to export them. Once you purchase the licensed edition you can perform a complete and limitless export of analyzed emails for unlimited days.

Testimonials of the Software:

The most important resource in a forensic investigation is time. With MailXaminer we were able to perform our investigation in the least possible time and also in the most efficient way. We are really grateful to this tool.

- Charlene Stephens, Hungary

When it comes to forensic investigation it becomes necessary to carve out even the tiniest detail. With numerous mail views in tool, observing each & every mail in different views enabled us to efficiently perform the investigation.

- Ross Hodges, California